Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dumb Product Of The Day: Bluetooth Earphones

Welcome to the first of a new feature here at Technically True.

Sometimes I am simply amazed at how engineering driven manufacturers try to push new product ideas into the market -- just because they are technologically possible. When will every company decide to hire at least one guy who actually has some marketing sense and an eye for customer preferences to screen anything planned for production?

Well, until companies hire product gurus to screen out the duds, Technically True will from time to time select a Dumbest Product of the Day. Here is our first!

Bluetooth Earphones

Okay, geekoids of the world, here is reality: Big, gawky devices shoved in your ears are not sexy. It should have been obvious to the electronics companies of the world that most people were already snickering and giggling at others who were wearing wired earphones for their cell phones, and that only a sliver of the public actually used these devices. But, when the technology became possible to make even larger, uglier wireless devices to stuff into ones ears, they all have scrambled to proudly launch them into a questionably existent market space.

Alpha Nerds of the world rejoice. You can now have wireless hideously oversized doodads stuffed in your ears, while everyone else laughs at you! For either music or telephony, you can be the butt of humor anywhere you go!

Someday, when battery technology takes its next leap, and substantial materials engineering improvements arrive to make wireless earbuds completely, inconspicuously tiny, more people may actually use them. But, until that day -- and that much-smaller option -- arrives, we'll continue to use 'Bluetooth Earphones' as one of our prime examples of how some tech companies are blind to market realities, and so in love with the raw gadget potential of their work that they foist insanely bad ideas off as trendy new 'must have' gizmos.

Wake up guys: Today's Bluetooth earbuds are just plain dumb.