Sunday, February 27, 2005

Technically True Site Launches

Welcome to Technically True, a place for technology opinion and discussion. Rather than simply being a place where one person expresses his views on the web, I have started this site as a clearinghouse for high-level opinion-sharing among industry insiders and end-users of today's technology products and systems.

So many of today's technologies are rapidly drifting into entirely new, and often surprising alignments with one another. It is the voices and purchasing patterns of end-users, and the degree to which the industry's leaders correctly interpret those signals that determine what the next shift will look like, and how well these continuing shifts will actually succeed in the marketplace.

Frankly, there is a lot of guesswork guiding today's technology decision-making, much more so than at any earlier time in history. There are more questions than answers, and, more opportunities than solutions.

Technically True aspires to be a key destination for constructive discussion on theses continuing shifts, opportunities, and solutions.



Blogger Jack Campbell said...

Just a quick note to mark the passing of two-years here of Technically True. It's been a fun two-years, and the original premise for launching the site holds even truer today.

Thanks to all my visitors!

12:26 AM, March 04, 2007  

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