Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome To The ARM Generation

This morning I read an article about TI's newest ARM core-based OMAP processor family. You should read it, too.

What a wonderful time to be developing low-power devices, eh? Between TI, Freescale, and Marvell, ARM is going to have a heyday these next few years... Linux will have a new day in the sun... as more devices gain true standards compliant browsing, web developers will more and more find new revenue producing opportunities... proprietary (closed) IPTV schemes will fall away, and HTTP-based media offerings of all sorts will reign (think Hulu...)... and, a huge new open-source and commercial pool of lightweight ARM-aimed software will rapidly grow, and grow, and grow...

Analog Devices will miss the wave, because their Blackfin won't run the emerging new software standard based around ARM...

PowerPC will miss the boat for the same reason...

WindowsMobile will wither, as will Symbian...

Apple will surf the bleeding edge of the new ARM hardware wave... We'll see the first home-based products from Apple using ARM within a year, eventually followed by MacBooks, then by their primary desktop systems... all ARM-based, designed by their PA Semi division, using ARM's hottest new cores.

Intel loses Apple... AMD further marginalizes... Dell, HP further marginalize... ASUS and Acer bloom (to the degree they are clever enough to walk away from their Windows base and move to ARM)...

All amazing and very fun stuff. :-)

If you have any extra cash, buy ARM stock, hold it for 5-years, then sell.

Note that there is a gaping opening for a low-power, small form factor HTTP server architecture in the above reality. "Much" web hosting, especially of interactive/active sites will be blossoming in this new era and will benefit from the new space-saving and power-saving features of the new ARM platforms.

There are whole categories of possible new small computing products that open up given the power of ARM combined with flash memory and multitouch interfaces. Yes, the next few years are going to be a blast for the ARM crowd.

Me?... I'll be developing ARM-based products. Maybe for myself, instead of for clients.

Jack Campbell
Strategic Product Development
Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA -- Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China


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