Thursday, October 06, 2011

Technology Is For People

I am enormously sad today.

There hasn't been a moment of my work career that was not influenced by Steve Jobs; and, he is gone. One of the things he left behind is a profound appreciation I feel for how technology products hold the potential to dramatically impact the lives of the everyday people who use them. And, regardless of the effort Steve expended or the success of the company he built, this message is as lost today in the bowels of this industry and from the hearts of its leaders as it has always been.

Steve applied this lens — the viewing of technology as enabling the improvement of people's lives — to the consumer space. I have spent ten-years applying that perspective to the business space.

Today's business computing systems are iterative evolvements from the days when the technologies involved were severely limited. The result is a confounding mess that perplexes and irritates day to day users, requires the regular intervention of paid professional fixers to accomplish even mundane changes or additions, and, erects a maze of barriers between users and getting things done, and between developers and users.

It is an unholy, inexcusable mess. And, it presents the biggest unrealized business opportunity of our generation.

It is also the problem I have been working to fix for a decade. It is the problem elegantly, profoundly solved by DotGT.

We can do this — get the holy grail of all tech projects to market — within a year, building on the work we've already done.

We can quite literally change the world.

Thank you, Steve, for the inspiration.


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