Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's Not iPod Video. It's iTunes Video.

Since last Wednesday's video-centric announcements from Apple, the mainstream press has been printing itself silly with commentary. It's interesting to me to note just how few of these professional writers seem to completely understand the actual implications of Apple's group of announced products and services.

For instance, have you noticed that nearly all of the writers have felt some obvious urge to make their opinion known about 'people watching video on an iPod?' Very interesting... as these people are uniformly missing the bigger idea here: Apple intends for us to watch videos, not on our iPods, but on or through our Macintosh computer. Sure, people 'can' synch all those little video clips onto their precious iPods. But, that's not the main point in Apple's agenda.

Video On Demand, Apple Style

As more content becomes available in the 320x240 resolution H.264 iTunes video format... everything from cult TV shows, concert reels, and, yes, porn... more and more folks will begin to have larger and larger libraries of readily available content, sitting right there on their Mac, for instant access. That's got to drive some behavioral changes in at least a few folks. And, it's going to become a wee bit addictive for others.

Frankly, I'm not prescient enough to predict exactly where this thread of new reality will eventually lead. But, I do know this: So far, I have bought 4 TV shows from iTunes, and have converted several of my preexisting video files to the iTunes format. And now, in less than a week, I am already programmed to carry around the predisposition to consider iTunes for a variety of 'video' related uses. 7-days ago, iTunes meant 'music.'

I was talking with a lady today in Spain. She's been buying Desperate Housewives episodes from iTunes.

And that, folks, is called 'change.'


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