Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Perfect In-Car iPod Music System

After three years of trying every iPod connection product on the market, experimenting with developing my own products, and, pondering just what would make for the absolute best way to listen to my iPod in my car, I've had a revelation of sorts. You see, I realized it is not "my iPod" want to listen to in my car; it's my favorite music from my iTunes library... iPod, or not.

The latest car I bought has a high-end Bose sound system option, with an in-dash CD player. Earlier tonight, I burned a CD-ROM of an iTunes playlist I made with my highest rated 200 songs (in MP3 format), took it out to my driveway, stuck it in that CD player, and... wow! It turns out the thing has a scrolling playlist display, shows complete ID3 tag information for the songs, and, it sounds amazing. It was such a striking experience that I fired up the engine and went out to just drive around and enjoy my new-found toy for almost an hour.

So, that's the perfect iPod in-car sound system: no iPod at all. Just buy a car with an MP3 capable CD player, burn a few hundred tunes to CD, and play them back from the disc. If that's not enough tunes, then burn a few discs and put 'em in your center console. No adapters, no FM hiss, no dangling cables.



Blogger Brian said...

I agree with your solution so far as one for music. I find that I am longing for a solution, albeit inexpensive, to listen to podcasts on my commute to work. I know your post was over a year ago, so I am wondering if you have heard from anyone about a solution, even though you have one yourself.

5:21 PM, October 22, 2006  
Blogger jacob jones said...

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